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Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Indtec Corporation
PHONE: 831.582.9388
FAX: 831.582.9386
E-MAIL: sales@indtec.net
ADDRESS: 3348 Paul Davis Dr. #109
Marina, California 93933 USA
* Assembly Services / Contract Manufacturing / Project Management & Turnkey Services
* Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
Are you looking for a Responsive Vendor for your PCB or contract Assembly needs? If you are interested in saving time and money; and want quality, then INDTEC CORP fits the bill.
Since 1991 INDTEC CORP. has serviced the south bay and Monterey peninsula offering very cost competitive bids, expeditious turn-around, and most importantly, high quality service that is second to none.

PHONE: Toll Free: 866.524-1553 / Local: 940.484.9400
FAX: 972.394.7913
E-MAIL: sales@milestek.com
ADDRESS: 301 Leora Ln., Suite 100
Lewisville, Texas 75056 USA
* Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
* Electronic Components: Connectors / Electronic Interconnects
MilesTek has offered complete connectivity solutions since 1981. Our customers have come to expect more than just products - they expect answers that will help them solve their installation or project questions.
We offer quality products, in-stock for same-day shipping and quick turnaround on your custom requirements. Our highly trained sales staff has the expertise to provide the technical support you need today.
MilesTek manufactures specialized products for the Military Avionics, Broadcast and DS3/Telecom industries, Military and Industrial Networking connectivity solutions.

Morgan Royce Industries, Inc.
FAX: 510.440.0886
E-MAIL: sales@morganroyce.com
ADDRESS: 49050 Milmont Drive,
Fremont California, 94538 USA
* Assembly Services / Contract Manufacturing / Project Management & Turnkey Services
* Cable and Wire Harness / Assembly
Project management and assembly services including:
* Cable Assembly
* Wire Harnessing
* Electromechanical
* PCB Assembly
* System Integration
* Material Management
* Quality Control

PEI-Genesis, Inc.
CONTACT: See web page for offices
PHONE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HQ
FAX: 215.552.8020
E-MAIL: See web page for offices
ADDRESS: North American headquarters
2180 Hornig Rd.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116 USA
* Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
* Electronic Components: Connectors / Electronic Interconnects
PEI-Genesis is a leading global provider of custom engineered connector and cable solutions.
PEI-Genesis is a global leader in the design and assembly of custom engineered connectors and cable solutions for harsh environments. PEI partners with customers to design engineered solutions that meet specific application requirements and then delivers with speed, service and consistent quality that is unmatched in the industry.
Proprietary automation in mirrored factories around the world allows PEI to assemble, from one of the largest inventories of electronic components, according to customers’ specific requirements. PEI develops custom interconnect solutions that support the harsh environments of the aviation, energy, military, industrial, rail, and medical sectors worldwide.

PNC Inc.
CONTACT: Sam Sangani
PHONE: 973.284.1600
FAX: 973.284.1925
E-MAIL: sam@pnconline.com
ADDRESS: 115 East Centre St.
Nutley, New Jersey 07110 USA
* Assembly Services, Contract Manufacturing, Project Management & Turnkey Services
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
* Solder-paste Stencil Manufacturers
* Sheet Metal Fabrication, Electronic Enclosures
* Membrane Switches & Graphic overlays
* Cable and Wire Harness / Assembly
* Printed Circuit Design & Layout Services
* Printed Circuit Consultants
A quality manufacturer of PCB Design, PCB Fab, PCB Assembly and SMT stencils for over 44 years.
Quick turn Prototype from 24 hours to High Volume production runs for 2-40 Layers.

SchmartBOARD Inc.
PHONE: 510.744.9900
FAX: 510.744.9909
E-MAIL: info@schmartboard.com
ADDRESS: 37423 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, California 94536 USA
* Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems
* Jumper Wires / Conductive Paint / Conductive Ink
* Engineering Services / Systems Integration / Programming
* Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
"Low Cost Cable Design and Fabrication"
Schmartboard is an industry leader in custom and off the shelf jumper and cable solutions. We have been in this technology segment since we opened in 2005.

Thor Electronics of California
PHONE: 831.758.6400
FAX: 831.758.0162
E-MAIL: info@thorconnect.com
ADDRESS: 420 West Market Street
Salinas, California 93901 USA
* Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
* Connectors / Electronic Interconnects
About Us:
Thor Electronics of California is a connector and cable assembly company located in Salinas, California. Thor has been in business since 1966. During our long history Thor Electronics has manufactured thousands of cable assemblies for customers which include Boeing, General Atomics, General Dynamics, ITT / Exelis, L3, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Sierra Nevada Corporation, U.S. Army, U.S Marine Corps, and many others. Thor manufactures many different types of cables and harnesses using shielded wire, flexible and semirigid coax, flat ribbon, and multiconductor cables.
MicroMiniature Circular Connectors
Microminiature circular connectors have been a prin­ci­ple pro­duct of Thor Electronics for more than 30 years. Thor Micro Miniature Connectors have been successfully fabricated to endure shock, vibration, salt fog, water immersion, ozone, UV, and many other environmental conditions. Thor microminiature connectors are on .050” centers and used in a broad range of applications. These connectors have been used in digital communication equipment by the U.S. Military since the early 1980’s and are currently installed in numerous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) programs.
Custom Cable Assemblies
Thor Electronics specializes in developing highreliability electronic cable and connectors for application in military and other rugged environments. These cables employ efficient cable layup design which achieves high efficiency EMI, flexibility, and high axial load tolerance with reduced cable diameter at minimum weight. Thor also incorporates these features into assemblies using Mil-DTL-38999, Dsub connectors, and other Customer specified connectors.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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