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Coatings, Soldermasks, Plating
Also see: Solder / Paste / Mask / Flux / Resist & Carbon Conductive Ink & Paste Coating Suppliers

Aculon, Inc.
PHONE: 858.350.9499
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: 1839 Sorrento Valley Rd #901
San Diego, California 92121
CATEGORIES: Coatings, Solder Masks, Plating
The leading provider of easy-to-apply nanotech surface-modification technologies.

Modify a broad variety of surfaces and particles with a durable superhydrophobic coating, oleophobic coating, adhesion-promoting, or performance-modifying nanocoating in seconds, with little to no capital equipment.

Repellency Treatments
Aculon's repellency treatment technology bonds with many different surfaces at the nano-scale to create easy-clean, superhydrophobic (water-repelling) and oleophobic (oil repelling), anti-smudge coatings. These coatings are currently being used on metals, polymers, glass, and many other materials for numerous applications.

PCB Repellency
Aculon's NanoProof™ Series offer customers a range of PCB waterproofing solutions from protecting against accidental water damage (NanoProof 1.0) to IPX7, immersion in water at one meter depth for 30 minutes (NanoProof™ 3.5, 4.0), to greater barrier properties that can withstand 100 hours immersion in sweat solutions and some of the most stringent test methods developed for non-hermetic components (NanoProof™ 5.0).

Adhesion Promotion Treatments
Functionalize difficult to bond surfaces with Aculon's adhesion promotion treatment technology. Modify a broad range of materials used in many different applications including metals, metal oxides, polymers, and ceramics. Excellent for increasing the bond strength and inhibiting delamination of hard to bond substrates in your application.

NanoClear for Stencils
Nanoscale fluxophobic stencil treatments are now available direct from Aculon! Aculon
NanoClear stencil wipes deliver increased output and yield in assembly lines. They reduce the number of under-stencil wipes. Faster release and improved print resolution is achieved. NanoClear stencil technology has ben proven in the market for two years and now with a new and improved formula outperforms the competition in terms of performance and ease of use.

Master Bond Inc.
PHONE: 201.343.8983
FAX: 201.343.2132
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: 154 Hobart Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
* Adhesives / Sealants / Coatings
* Coatings, Soldermasks, Plating
* Conformal Coating / Potting
Our reliable compounds are designed to meet exact performance and processing requirements while maintaining cost efficiency. Master Bond has been formulating high performance polymer systems for over 40 years. After decades of rigorous research and testing in our top of the line facility, we have become a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coating, potting/encapsulation compounds and impregnation resins. Our product line includes:
* Epoxy Systems
*Silicone Systems
* UV Curable Systems
* LED Curable Systems
* Polyurethanes
* Polysulfides
* Other Systems

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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