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Electronic Components: Custom / Specialty & Mechanical

G&H Industries
CONTACT: Paul Haas
PHONE: 269.467.4417
E-MAIL: paul@ghplugs.com
ADDRESS: 419 Eleanor,
Centreville, Michigan 49032
CATEGORIES: Connectors / Electronic Interconnects & Electronic Components: Custom / Specialty & Mechanical
The G&H Industries family of audio connectors are designed and manufactured to be the most reliable and easiest to use in the industry.
G&H Industries connectors feature "Copper Core" technology. This means no loose grounds or broken tips and the highest fidelity signal transfer.
Look for instrument and speaker cables made with "Show Savers" connectors.
THE PLUG WITH THE "COPPER TIP". Please go to our "connectors" page for more detail and see why our plugs are the best in the world.

Rainbow Electronics & Fasteners Corp.
PHONE: 510.475.9840
FAX: 510.475.9845

E-MAIL: raincorp@sbcglobal.net
ADDRESS: 30095 Ahern Avenue
Union City California 94587

CATEGORIES: Electronic Components: Custom, Specialty & Mechanical
Your source for electronic hardware and components, commercial and aerospace electro mechanics, PCB installation, custom machined parts and more from top manufacturers.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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