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Lamination Services

Elite Material Co.,Ltd.
CONTACT: Sales / Service
PHONE: +886.3.483.7937
FAX : +886.3.483.7949
E-MAIL: sales@mail.emctw.com
ADDRESS: HQ and Taoyuan Plant
No.18, Datong 1st Rd., Guanyin Dist.
Taoyuan City 32849, Taiwan R.O.C.
Offices world wide - see web page
CATEGORIES: Lamination Services
Equipped with most advanced machinery and leading manufacturing technology, our mass lamination service is able to offer total solution to global PCB customers. Particularly, we offer top-notch production service of HDI and high-layer-count boards for PCB manufactures, from design to inner-layer processes. In addition, we are able to offer the most optimal heat dissipation solution upon the specific request of customers.
Advantages to choose our mass lam service:
Including, but is not limited to, the production and inner-layer processes, we specialize in offering a variety of services to assist PCB customers in mass lamination of finer pinch HDI and high-layer-count boards. Our service targets at lowering the production costs of PCB manufacturers without compromising their product quality, and offering flexibility and scalability for production capacity of customers.

Ventec Electronics Co. Ltd. / Option Technologies
PHONE: +44.1926.889822
E-MAIL: sales@ventec-europe.com
PHONE: +49.6352.753260
E-MAIL: salesde@ventec-europe.com

PHONE: +1.630.422.1627
E-MAIL: saleseast@ventec-usa.com
ADDRESS: Corporate Headquarters
308 TaiShan Rd.
New District Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China 215129
* Drilling, Routing & Scoring - Services
* Lamination Services
Option Technologies a Ventec International Group Brand
Option Technologies is a long established masslam service provider that began trading in 1985. Acquired by Ventec in 2012 and incorporating offshore manufacturing capability, Ventec continues to offer masslam, 'masslam & drill', and 'masslam, drill & plate' solutions to our customers supplied under the Option brand name, which is recognized for technology, quality & service - if your requirements are for technology, quick-turn or simply capacity issues, then we can help. We supply mass-laminated multilayer panels to PCB manufacturers all over the world utilizing high quality laminates & prepregs manufactured by our parent company Ventec International Group. We have mass lamination, drilling & plating capacity in Taiwan & China, with logistics, engineering, technical & quality support based in our customer service centers in Europe & USA, allowing us to customize a supply chain optimized to meet your needs for fast deliveries and cost optimization.

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