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PCB Inspection / Rework Services

Also see: Rework / Repair Services & Tools

Corfin Industries LLC
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +1.603.893.9900
FAX: +1.603.893.6800
E-MAIL: solutions@corfin.com
ADDRESS: 1050 Perimeter Road
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103 USA
* Component Harvesting
* BGA Reballing Systems & Services
* PCB Inspection / Rework Services
* Assembly Services / Contract Manufacturing / Project Management & Turnkey Services
Corfin pioneered Robotic Hot Solder Dip technology – the only process approved by the US Navy TMTI Project S1057 to eliminate the risk of tin whiskers
and weak solder joints without potential damage to the component – and with over 25 years’ experience our technicians have mastered component preparation
solutions with Corfin RHSD machinery.
Converting Pb-free components to SnPb
* Robotic Hot Solder Dip
* BGA Reballing
Component preparation services
* Lead Forming
* Reconditioning
* J-lead attach
Electronics manufacturing and support
* PCB Assembly and Rework
* Component Harvesting
* Kitting
* Testing

PACE Worldwide
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: Toll free: 1.877.882.PACE / Local: 910.695.7223
FAX: 910-695-1594
ADDRESS: 346 Grant Road
Vass, North Carolina 28394 USA
See web page for PACE Europe, LTD
* PCB Inspection / Rework Services
* Rework / Repair Services & Tools
* Solder Fume Extraction
With offices worldwide, PACE, Inc. is a recognized world leader in the development of solutions for the assembly and repair of highly advanced electronics. Our expertise extends back to the dawn of the modern electronics industry. In 1958, PACE introduced training programs for the repair of the printed wire assemblies, and soon after, revolutionized the industry by creating the first self-contained vacuum desoldering system.
Today, PACE continues to provide innovative solutions, products and training for the rework and repair of printed circuit assemblies. Our unique capabilities and evolving vision have provided universal solutions to thru-hole and surface mount assembly and rework problems for the most advanced electronics.
Additionally, PACE manufactures Fume Extraction systems to reduce exposure to harmful particulates and gases created from hand soldering operations. PACE Fume Extraction systems effectively remove these contaminants from the worker's breathing zone thereby reducing or eliminating health risks.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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