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Solder Fume Extraction

Also see: Air Purifiers / Air Scrubbers

EasyBraid Co.
PHONE: 952.929.3040 / Toll Free: 1.800.840.5394
FAX: 952.929.2765
E-MAIL: info@easybraidco.com
ADDRESS: 11543 K-Tel Drive
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55343 USA
* Rework / Repair Services & Tools
* Solder Fume Extraction
* Solder / Paste / Mask / Flux / Resist & Carbon Conductive Ink & Paste Coating Suppliers
Desoldering Braid
Our product is clean, fast, reliable and consistent braided copper desoldering wick. We offer Quick Braid (Resin), One Step (No Clean), Sea Braid (Unfluxed) and Lead Free varieties which are available on regular or static dissipative bobbins up to 1000í lengths. Because our braid is so tightly woven, it utilizes less length of wick for each desoldering application.
Stencil Rolls
Our material is specifically designed for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) screen printers. Both solvent resistant and highly absorbent, our stencil rolls have proven strength, even when wet. Rolls are available for Dek, MPM, Ekra, Fuji and Panasonic machines. Custom rolls are our specialty! Please contact us if you donít see the roll you need.
Solder Soakers
Special RoHS compliant die-cut sponges designed specifically to aid in the cleaning of electronics.
Replacement Soldering Tips
& Soldering Stations
A wide range of Soldering Iron Tips are available with excellent performance and reliability.
Durable, versatile swabs for cleaning electronics.
Fume Extraction Systems
The latest in technology for removing fumes and odors at a constant flow in today's workplace.
Solder Paste Inspection
Using lasers instead of cameras and lights makes the PARMI by Easy Braid solder paste inspection products the fastest, most consistent, and reliable method to determine solder paste deposition.
Optical Inspection Systems
Optical inspection that provides a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to X-ray inspection.

PHONE: 1.866.667.0297
E-MAIL: sales@electrocorp.net
ADDRESS: 9600 Trans-Canada
Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada
* Air Purifiers / Air Scrubbers
* Solder Fume Extraction
"Heavy Duty Air Cleaners Customized to Meet Your Needs"
Electrocorp Air Filtration Systems manufacture top quality, strong and durable Industrial air purification systems to meet any demand.
Electrocorp Industrial is a global innovator in chemical, odor and particle control and we offer the most efficient and cost-effective air cleaners for industrial solutions.
We specialize in multi-stage filtration systems that remove the widest range of air pollutants.
Our Air Quality Experts have a catalog of over 100 models, exclusive carbon blends and specialized filters to offer solutions for chemicals, fumes, odors, particulate bio-hazards and general industrial or commercial filtration.

OK International, Inc.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: 1.714.799.9910
FAX: 1.714.828.2001
E-MAIL: NA-CustCare@okinternational.com
ADDRESS: 10800 Valley View Street
Cypress, California 90630 USA
* See web page for additional offices in Asia & Europe
* Soldering & Brazing Alloys / Soldering & Desoldering Equipment
* Dispensing Valves, Tips & Supplies
* Solder Fume Extraction
OK International is a global manufacturer of bench tools and equipment that are used in electronics & industrial product assembly.
Our Corporate Values
* Provide customers outstanding products and services that are reliable and price competitive.
* Commit to operational excellence and innovation that meet global and regional market needs.
* Deliver core technological advantages with best-in-class performance.
* Offer leading brands in the markets we serve through our global sales channel.

PACE Worldwide
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: Toll free: 1.877.882.PACE / Local: 910.695.7223
FAX: 910-695-1594
ADDRESS: 346 Grant Road
Vass, North Carolina 28394 USA
See web page for PACE Europe, LTD
* PCB Inspection / Rework Services
* Rework / Repair Services & Tools
* Solder Fume Extraction
With offices worldwide, PACE, Inc. is a recognized world leader in the development of solutions for the assembly and repair of highly advanced electronics. Our expertise extends back to the dawn of the modern electronics industry. In 1958, PACE introduced training programs for the repair of the printed wire assemblies, and soon after, revolutionized the industry by creating the first self-contained vacuum desoldering system.
Today, PACE continues to provide innovative solutions, products and training for the rework and repair of printed circuit assemblies. Our unique capabilities and evolving vision have provided universal solutions to thru-hole and surface mount assembly and rework problems for the most advanced electronics.
Additionally, PACE manufactures Fume Extraction systems to reduce exposure to harmful particulates and gases created from hand soldering operations. PACE Fume Extraction systems effectively remove these contaminants from the worker's breathing zone thereby reducing or eliminating health risks.

Purex International Ltd
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +44(0)1405 746030
E-MAIL: purex@purex.co.uk
ADDRESS: QWP House, Island Drive, Capitol Park, Thorne
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN8 5UE, UK
CATEGORIES: Solder Fume Extraction
For decades, Purex International Ltd has manufactured fume extraction systems with the aim of improving product quality, reducing process costs and bringing the future of fume extraction to our customers!
So, what makes Purex world leaders in the fume extraction industry?
* Industry Experience. Purex provides high quality technical support to assist with extract enclosure / nozzle design, or to help solve practical extraction difficulties.
* Ease of Maintenance. All components can be removed in minutes without the need for special tools, again resulting in reduced downtime.
* Long filter life. Due to the use of the multi pocket high capacity pre-filter bag with its large surface area and graduated fibre density fabric.
* Reduced Down Time. Filters can be changed in minutes.
* Fully Displayed. Comprehensive instrumentation for filter condition and sensor status. Comprehensive gas and particulate monitoring system.
* Quiet. Brushless motors used in our systems result in improved operator comfort.
* Automatic Flow Control. Easy set up of extraction volume for any process and automatic adjustment as the filters become blocked.
* Available interfacing. Two way interfacing enable Purex units to be switched on and off remotely and warning signals to be received by integrated control systems.
* Engineered. Welded Stainless Steel Chassis.
* Service. Purex offer unrivalled customer support which is available 24/7.

Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
PHONE: 888.352.3228
E-MAIL: sales@sentryair.com
ADDRESS: 21221, Farm to Market Rd 529
Cypress, TEXAS 77433 USA
* Air Purifiers / Air Scrubbers
* Solder Fume Extraction
Fume Extractors with Hepa Filters and Activated Carbon Filters to provide Air Purification in Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Manufacturing, and Industrial Facilities.
Founded in 1983, Sentry Air Systems engineers clean air through the design and manufacturing of high quality air purification systems.
Our patented line of quiet, compact and durable air cleaners offers simple and effective solutions to fume control and extraction.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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