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Solid Solder Deposit Technology

SIPAD Systems Inc
CONTACT: Matt Kehoe
PHONE: 770.475.4576
FAX: 770.475.1597
E-MAIL: mattkehoe@sipad.com
ADDRESS: 360-C Winkler Drive,
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
CATEGORIES: Solid Solder Deposit Technology
SIPAD solid solder deposit technology is a Siemens patented process that pre-applies solid solder to the surface mount pads on complex printed circuits. SIPAD Systems Inc. began operations in 2001 and is the first and only dedicated solder coating service bureau in the world, supplying solder coating services to OEM's, CEM's and printed circuit suppliers.

SIPAD Systems Purchases Laser - Click here for info.

See SIPAD solid solder deposit reflow video using a convection toaster oven here

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