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    The Inventor's Dilemma: a Review
    — June 12, 2016
    Biography author: David Gerber
    Reviewer: Danny Carr, EverythingPCB

The Inventor's Dilemma: The Remarkable Life of H. Joseph Gerber

    David Gerber’s book is a tribute to his father Joseph, and tells an incredible tale of triumph over adversity. This account reveals Joseph’s early life and close calls in Nazi occupied Austria, his travel to the U.S. and his determination to succeed in his adopted new land.

    Joseph’s inventions and systems stand head to head with those of Edison, Bell, Tesla and other great American engineers, inventors and visionaries. This book demonstrates how one man’s endless ideas impacted and continues to shape technology and business as we know it.

    A wonderful read, and as the title states, this is indeed the story of the remarkable life of H. Joseph Gerber.
    Danny Carr is editor of EverythingPCB and former president of D03* Inc.

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