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PCB & Electronics Recycling

AERC Recycling Solutions
CONTACT: See web page for multiple location contacts
PHONE: Toll Free: 866.447.5177
FAX: See web page
E-MAIL: info@aercrecycling.com
WEBSITE: www.aercrecycling.com
ADDRESS: We service the entire United States with multiple locations
CATEGORIES: PCB & Electronics Recycling
AERC offers complete computer and electronics recycling services with a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Policy. We offer compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations as well as secure data destruction for your electronic data drives. We provide an array of services including Secure Data Destruction and Management, Total Asset Management and End-of- Life Electronics Management. We invite you to visit www.aercrecycling.com for more information.
Obsolete Equipment contains both valuable and environmentally dangerous components. Our refurbishment process recovers the latest models for reuse in new markets after system testing and destruction of all sensitive property. De-manufacturing allows the extraction of both reusable and hazardous components.
Participate in our National Drop-off Friday Program!
Individuals and small business owners are welcome to drop off small quantities of spent electronics, electrical equipment and certain Universal Waste materials at any AERC facility location on Fridays from 9AM to 4PM. Acceptable items for Drop Off Fridays include computers, monitors, printers, scanners, VCRs, televisions, power tools and batteries. AERC charges a small fee for this service. Fees for TVs and CRTs are determined by unit size. Please call your local facility for exact rates. We do not accept microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners or major appliances. AERC abides by a strict Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Policy on all accepted electronics.
For more information, call 866.447.5177 or e-mail info@aercrecycling.com.

Blue Star Electronics, LLC
Santa Clara Headquarters
PHONE: 408.327.0901 or 800.681.1008
FAX: 408.327.0907
E-MAIL: recycle@bluestarco.com
ADDRESS: 460 Nelo Street
Santa Clara, California 95054 USA
Hayward branch
CONTACT: Louis Sarkis
PHONE: 510.259.1879
FAX: 510.259.0550
E-MAIL: louis@bluestarco.com
ADDRESS: 23196 Foley Street
Hayward, California 94545 USA
* Asset Management
* PCB & Electronics Recycling
Blue Star Electronics, LLC is a full service asset management, reclamation and recycling company; providing resale, recycling and end of life programs for electronic equipment and components. This means that we are much more than a "Scrap Dealer" who buys old equipment by the pound for its metal content.
We work with our customers to identify the greater value that is locked up in older equipment and components, destroying proprietary boards, circuits and drives, while reselling non-proprietary components and equipment, so that our customers and we can realize a profit in this resale.

PC Disposal
PHONE: 913.210.1500 local / toll free 1.877.244.0250
E-MAIL: isales@pcdisposal.com
ADDRESS: National Headquarters
400 New Century Parkway
New Century, Kansas 66031 USA
CATEGORIES: PCB & Electronics Recycling
PC Disposal is part of a family of technology businesses started in 1989. Kory Bostwick founded PC Disposal in 1998 because he was concerned that there were few environmentally-friendly options for companies who wanted to dispose of the toxic glut of obsolete computers that were filling offices and ultimately landfills.
With this idea in mind, PC Disposal has grown into one of the largest computer disposal firms in the industry. Our employees have decades of computer service and support experience. We provide asset retirement services for companies of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada, and many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies.
* computer recycling
* government IT recycling
* electronics recycling
* monitor recycling
* printer disposal
* copier recycling

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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