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General Services

CONTACT: Roland H. Jaquet
PHONE: + 41.22.880.0405 / Cellular (GSM) +
FAX: + 41.22.880.0409
Fax from USA 978.334.8263
E-MAIL: RJaquet@hjsa.ch
ADDRESS: 21 Grand-Voiret CH-1228 Plan-Les-Ouates
Geneva Switzerland
* General Services
* Software
* Printed Circuit Sales reps.
* Manufacturers Representatives
* PCB Consultant
Offering a wide variety of services such as Technical & Viability Audits, either for the PCB Purchasers or for the Manufacturers. Emergency Management. Acquisition / Merging of PCB Manufacturers. Quality issues.
Representative for S/ERP software for French speaking countries. Unique Software for the Purchase of PCBs
Printed Circuit Sales reps. & Manufacturers Representatives:
Broker specialized into finding suppliers for hard to manufacture PCBs, primarily for Europe, US and Asia as well.
PCB Consultant:
Company viability, Technical viability, Technology choice, Yield improvement, Company Strategy, Equipment choice, Company acquisition.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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