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Electronic Components: Surplus Components & Electronics

PHONE: 408.788.3868
FAX: 408.778.2558
E-MAIL: warehouse@alltronics.com
ADDRESS: 2761 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, California 95050
CATEGORIES: Surplus Components & Electronics
Alltronics has been in the low cost electronics surplus business for 30+ years. We are now based in Santa Clara, CA and ship world wide via USPS and UPS. We aim to provide you a more personalized service and the best in surplus electronics for both hobbyist and professional. Please browse our 9000+ items and check out our "What's New" section as we have added many new products in the last year!

HSC Electronic Supply
PHONE: 408.732.1573
FAX: 408.732.6428
E-MAIL: sales@halted.com
ADDRESS: 3500 Ryder Street
Santa Clara, California 95051
* Additional offices in Sacramento & Rohnert Park, California
CATEGORIES: Surplus Components & Electronics
HSC Electronics was started in 1963 (as Halted Specialties Co., thus the "HSC") as a dealership in surplus hydraulic, vacuum and environmental test equipment to the larger government contractors in California's Santa Clara Valley (before it was known as "Silicon Valley"!)
As years went by, Halted grew and changed along with Silicon Valley until we became one of the better-known dealers in surplus electronics in the area. We buy and sell nearly every type of electronic component, test equipment, computer peripheral and R & D supply, as well as the occasional piece of process and manufacturing equipment. We haven't totally turned our back on our history, however, as we still have some trade in vacuum gear and environmental chambers!
We now have three stores open to the public in California, as well as offering our unique merchandise to the rest of the world by mail order.
If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, you owe it to yourself to stop in and see what we offer. We have featured everything from I.C.'s to rocket motors, oscilloscopes to electron microscopes, soldering irons to industrial lasers, and just about everything else in between! We also feature an extensive selection of new products for technicians, engineers and the hobbyist who needs electronic parts, or who just loves to tinker!

Surplus Shed
PHONE: Toll Free in U.S.: 1.877-7SURPLUS (78-7758) Outside U.S.: 610.926.9226
FAX: 610.926.0978
E-MAIL: SurplusShed@aol.com
ADDRESS: 1050 Maidencreek Road,
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania 19522
CATEGORIES: PCB & Electronics Hobby Kits & Tools / Surplus Components & Electronics
Surplus Shed buys, sells, and trades government and other surplus and used optical and electronic items.

Expect to find aerial cameras, telescopes, lenses, mirrors, prisms, boresights, borescopes, microscopes, electronic test equipment, beamsplitters, achromats, eyepieces, optical flats, mirror blanks, lens blanks, filters, and other optical and electronic stuff... and all available at a fraction of the original cost!

Check our "New This Week" page weekly for items that have just arrived.

* Free downloadable catalog

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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