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ADDRESS: 5 Howick Place
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* PCB & Technology News
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Design News owns the largest trusted community of design engineers in the horizontal engineering space. Coverage at Design News is based on four key pillars, which are the backbone of just about every design project:
Electronics & Test, Automation & Control, Materials & Assembly, and Design Hardware & Software.
A few of the application areas popular with Design News readers include consumer electronics, automotive, medical, industrial controls, and military/aerospace/defense.

PHONE: +886.2.8712.8866
FAX: +886.2.8712.3366
ADDRESS: E. Rd., Taipei
12F, 133, Section 4, Mingsheng E. Rd.,
Songshan District, Taipei 105, Taiwan, ROC
CATEGORIES: PCB & Technology News

evertiq - Electronics Vertical Intelligence is a leading Network of Online News for the Electronics Design- and Manufacturing Supply Chain. evertiq is available in multiple languages for several local markets. Since 1999, evertiq has been delivering unique news of People, Markets and Technology within the Electronics Industry on a daily basis.

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Electropages is a cutting edge online press release platform at the forefront of product news for the latest information regarding the global electronics industry.

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