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Air Purifiers / Air Scrubbers

Also see: Solder Fume Extraction

AllerAir Industries Inc.
CONTACT: Mohamed El-Rafie
PHONE: 1.888.852.8247 X 234
FAX: 1.877.688.2193
E-MAIL: melrafie@allerair.com
www.allerair.com and www.electrocorp.net
ADDRESS: 9600 Trans-Canada
Montreal, QC H4S-1V9
CATEGORIES: Air Purifiers / Air Scrubbers
AllerAir/ElectroCorp offers the most reliable and customizable air filtration systems to meet your needs. As one of the market leaders in commercial and industrial air purification systems, our units use a highly efficient activated carbon wall as well as HEPA and pre-filters to trap chemicals, odors, gases and particles. They deliver cleaner air in spaces of all sizes. With our price and relevant filtration media guarantee, you can be sure to get a quality product that works.

Web www.EverythingPCB.com

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