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NPI / CIMS Software

Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.
PHONE: +86.21.6118.2128
E-MAIL: sales@vayoinfo.com
ADDRESS: Room 1206, No.2 Building, Advanced Manufacturing
Technology Innovation Park, No.2388 Xiupu Road, Shanghai, China 201315
* NPI / CIMS Software
* Solderpaste Stencil Software
* Electronic Test Software
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
* Design for Fabrication / Design Validation Software
Vayo’s VayoPro series NPI software products (DFM,SMT,DFT/Test, Document, View, SPI, Flexa Accelerator & etc.) have been adapted by both domestic & international electronics companies. The end-users are from multinational companies, foreign companies, joint-venture companies, China private companies and China institutes. Meanwhile Vayo establish constructive partnership with global equipment provider of SMT, Teser, SPI & AOI; offering customized software solutions to them. Vayo’s business not only covers manufacturing concentrated area in China, but also setup distribution network in manufacturing concentrated countries of Europe & Southeast Asia area. Now Vayo is entering the new era of full-scale business development
* Design for manufacturing
* Placement Programming
* DFT & tester programming
* Work instruction document
* Gerber view & conversion
* Board view & repair

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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