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Digitizing Tablets & Software

The Logic Group
CONTACT: John Walsh
PHONE & TEXT: 1.512.656.8195
E-MAIL: john.walsh@logicgroup.com
ADDRESS: 5708 Tahoma Pl.
Austin, Texas 78759 USA
CATEGORIES: Digitizing Tablets & Software
Founded over thirty years ago, The Logic Group has provided software for a variety of industry problems. Currently, four software programs are the focus of The Logic Group. All of these programs help customers utilize the ability of digitizing tablets to return highly accurate (x,y) data to define shapes or points. * Logic Trace CNC DXF - provides a very fast way to enter outlines of traced objects into DXF or other formats for use with CNC machines * Plan & Plan Plus - provides planimetering software to define reservoirs, leases, and other structures. Includes volume and reserve calculations. * Take-Offs - provides the construction industry with a basic take off program which computes area * Logic XY Digi - provides a quick way to take points off maps, charts, and figures.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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