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PCB Stackup Planning and Material-Selection Software

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Polar Instruments
CONTACT: Martyn Gaudion
PHONE: +44.23.9226.9113
E-MAIL: martyn.gaudion@polarinstruments.com
ADDRESS: Head Office
Garenne Park, Rue de la Cache
St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4AF
Additional offices in Oregon & United Kingdom - see web page for contact information
CATEGORIES: PCB Stackup Planning and Material-Selection Software
PCB signal integrity, PCB stackup, impedance design, test and documentation
Field solving design systems compute parameters for lossless or lossy line impedance, taking into account high-frequency dielectric loss and copper surface losses using Huray, Groisse or Hammerstad methodologies.
PCB stackup design and documentation integrates seamlessly with the field solvers to include transmission line data in the final board stackup report. Extensive suppliers material libraries are available on-line.
Transmission line test systems support conventional impedance measurements as well as SPP, SET2DIL and Delta-L methods for measurement of insertion loss.

CONTACT: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: Seattle, Washington
CATEGORIES: PCB Stackup Planning and Material-Selection Software
Z-zero, based in Seattle, Washington, develops PCB stackup planning and material-selection software for electronic-system design, filling a sizable gap in the PCB design world for software that bridges between the spreadsheets many engineers and fabricators use to describe their stackups and the PCB signal integrity simulation world—previously devoid of materials details—including parameters that laminate manufacturers and PCB fabricators care about.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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