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Need PCBs in a rush ? We offer 24 hrs turn for up to 8 layers.

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Printed Circuit Consultants

Advanced PCB Designs
CONTACT: Jason Dunlap
PHONE: 408.377.6557
FAX: 408.716-0588
E-MAIL: pcb@advancedpcb.net
ADDRESS: 898 Faulstich Court
San Jose, California 95124 USA
Northern California Headquarters:
24926 Brooktrails Dr.
Willits, California 95490 USA
* Printed Circuit Design & Layout Services
* Printed Circuit Consultants
Since 1994, Advanced PCB Designs was created to be different than most design service bureaus. Jason Dunlap, owner, with over 25 years. experience in the product development environment, brings a breath of experience few designers possess. He has a strong electronic design background, understands the technical aspects and engineering requirements. Jason is an expert designer and has designed state of the art layouts for military and commercial products. Read more under “About US” and “Design Flow”
Jason Dunlap has more than 15 years experience designing RF and Microwave PC boards. He has done designs for notable companies such as, Anritsu, Agilent Technologies, NetworkFab, and military contractors.

CAD Design Concepts
CONTACT: Mike McMillan
PHONE: 530.712.2932
E-MAIL: mikeatcdc@jps.net
ADDRESS: 777 Vermont St.
Gridley, California 95948 USA
CATEGORIES: PCB Design & Printed Circuit Consultants
Cad Design Concepts was started in 1977, (after being in the design business since 1963), and has been specializing in PCB Designs for a variety of companies world wide.
With my experience of more than 30 years as a consultant, and my abilities to work on projects from concept to finished product I feel I can bring to the table the background your looking for to do any tasks you and your company might have.
Cad Design Concepts can quote your design needs over the phone, or you can email your files over for review. I'm sure you will find the quality and on time delivery refreshing.
Please review the following page for samples and more information about CDC and then call me so we can talk about the possibilities of working on your project.

For more information about CDC click here

Custer Consulting Group
CONTACT: Walt Custer
PHONE: Office 1.707.785.1777 / Cell 1.707.292.4964
E-MAIL: walt@custerconsulting.com
CONTACT: Jonathan Custer-Topai
PHONE: Office 1.317.344.2758 / Cell 1.707.318.3451
E-MAIL: jon@custerconsulting.com
The Sea Ranch, California 95497-0299 USA
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Consultants
"Serving the Global Electronics Industry"
Custer Consulting Group provides market research, business analyses and forecasts for the electronic equipment and solar/photovoltaic supply chains including semiconductors, printed circuit boards & other passive components, photovoltaic cells & modules, EMS, ODM & related assembly activities and materials & process equipment.

CONTACT: Roland H. Jaquet
E-MAIL: PCBspecialist@bluewin.ch
ADDRESS: CP329 CH-1530 Payerne
Vaud, Switzerland
* Printed Circuit Sales Reps
* PCB Consultant
Offering a wide variety of services such as Technical & Viability Audits, either for the PCB Purchasers or for the Manufacturers. Emergency Management. Acquisition / Merging of PCB Manufacturers. Quality issues.
Representative for S/ERP software for French speaking countries. Unique Software for the Purchase of PCBs
Printed Circuit Sales reps. & Manufacturers Representatives:
Broker specialized into finding suppliers for hard to manufacture PCBs, primarily for Europe, US and Asia as well.
PCB Consultant:
Company viability, Technical viability, Technology choice, Yield improvement, Company Strategy, Equipment choice, Company acquisition.

PNC Inc.
CONTACT: Sam Sangani
PHONE: 973.284.1600
FAX: 973.284.1925
E-MAIL: sam@pnconline.com
ADDRESS: 115 East Centre St.
Nutley, New Jersey 07110 USA
* Assembly Services, Contract Manufacturing, Project Management & Turnkey Services
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
* Solder-paste Stencil Manufacturers
* Sheet Metal Fabrication, Electronic Enclosures
* Membrane Switches & Graphic overlays
* Cable and Wire Harness / Assembly
* Printed Circuit Design & Layout Services
* Printed Circuit Consultants
A quality manufacturer of PCB Design, PCB Fab, PCB Assembly and SMT stencils for over 44 years.
Quick turn Prototype from 24 hours to High Volume production runs for 2-40 Layers.

San Francisco Circuits
CONTACT: Alex Danovich
PHONE: 1.800.732.5143
FAX: 650.655.7206
E-MAIL: info@sfcircuits.com
ADDRESS: 1660 S. Amphlett Blvd. #200
San Mateo, California 94402 USA
CATRGORIES: Printed Circuit Consultants
San Francisco Circuits and our strong network provide a unique one stop solution to all your PCB needs: from PCB design to PCB manufacturing & fabrication.
We specialize in all printed circuit boards including but not limited to: prototypes, multi-layer boards, rigid-flex PCBs, and military spec boards.
Visit us for a free instant PCB quote or to talk to an SFC expert today.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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