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Engineered Tapes

Polyonics, Inc.
CONTACT: Support
PHONE: +1.603.352.1415
FAX: +1.603.352.1936
E-MAIL: support@polyonics.com
ADDRESS: 28 Industrial Park Drive
Westmoreland, New Hampshire 03467 USA
* Engineered Tapes
* PCB Labels & Barcodes
"Uniquely Engineered Tapes for Extreme Application Challenges"
Our tapes are designed to mask, insulate, isolate, bond and protect your sensitive, precise and expensive components and devices.
"Performance Labels and Tags for Harsh Environments"
Polyonics is the specialty chemistry and coating expert for label, tag and tape converters, specialty die cutters, OEM designers and specification engineers.
We start with personal chemistry to provide customized solutions for specialty coatings, specialized coated films and thermal interface materials.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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