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Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment

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Accurate CNC, Inc.
PHONE: +1.260.489.7600
E-MAIL: sales@accuratecnc.com
ADDRESS: 6016 High View Dr., suite A & B
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818 USA
* Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
Accurate CNC, Inc. is a privately owned company located in Fort Wayne, IN. Our goal is to fulfill the need for affordable, quality, American Made, PCB prototyping machinery in the United States and around the world.
Currently, the Accurate family consists of 16 models which have been perfected to ensure 100% satisfaction of all your machining needs.
Our machines are made exclusively in the USA and are comprised of high quality materials from the USA.

Amtest d.o.o.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +385 (1) 390 85 00
E-MAIL: info@amtest-smt.com
ADDRESS: Kneza Borne 30
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
Amtest is the leading regional supplier of materials and equipment for the production of electronic circuits, materials, and equipment for electronics and industrial cleaning, as well as pneumatic and electric tools.
Our speciality lays in the distribution of the newest technologies to the fast growing and challenging market of Southeastern Europe.
We offer high quality products and services to our clients while guaranteeing profitable, productive and innovative solutions.
We also offer service and optimisation of the production, the distribution of spare parts as well as the technical support throughout the entire production process.
* Production equipment
* Materials
* Cleaning
* Rework equipment
* Inspection and test equipment

Artnet Pro
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: 408.954.8383
FAX: 408.954.8380
E-MAIL: sales@artnetpro.com
ADDRESS: 2315 Paragon Drive
San Jose, California 95131 USA
* Artwork Scanning Services
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Photoplotting / Photomasks - Services
Artnet Pro provides cost-effective highly reliable reused equipment together with state-of-the-art support and technical services to PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers.
The company sells, installs, maintains and repairs a wide range of PCB equipment from leading manufacturers such as Orbotech and Camtek.
The offering includes laser direct imaging systems, laser photoplotters, AOI systems and CAM/CAM stations as well as PCB design, PCB scanning and other related PCB engineering services.

CONTACT: Bob Wettermann
PHONE: 847.797.9250
FAX: 847.797.9255
E-MAIL: bwet@solder.net
ADDRESS: 3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows Illinois 60008 USA
* Rework / Repair Services
* Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
* Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Fabrication Equipment
Rework / Repair:
Our Contract Rework/Repair Division provides expert rework, repair, ECO modifications and BGA rework to your PCBs. Our state of the art equipment and IPC certified operators insure the rework done on your PCBs will be done correctly and reliably. 100% guaranteed.
Training / Certification:
BEST is an IPC Master Certification Center offering Instructor and Operator courses for IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC 7711/7721 as well as customized classes to meet specific standards or criteria.
BEST, Inc. specializes in offering products that streamline the process of hand soldering, rework and repair.
Our training kits, dummy components and IPC materials are excellent resources for skill building and retention.
Soldering Tools:
BEST offers a variety of tools for soldering, rework, repair and inspection of PCBs. BEST is your source for refurbished soldering, inspection and rework/repair products.

Bokar International
CONTACT: Dan Balish
PHONE: 570.842.2812
FAX: 570.842.4290
E-MAIL: Daniel@bokar.com
ADDRESS: 10 Enterprise Drive
Carbondale, Pennsylvania 18407 USA
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufaturers / Distributors
SMT Repair / Rework and assembly Equipment Manufacturer.
Bench top stations, Pick and Place Machines, Hot Air Pencils, Stencil Printers, ESD Equipment and Testers, Etc.

Chemcut Corporation
PHONE: 814.272.2800
FAX: 814.272.5205
ADDRESS: 500 Science Park Road,
State College, Pennsylvania 16803 USA
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment, Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems, Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems / Treatment Chemistry / Equipment & Waste Management
Chemcut has been recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of wet processing equipment - consisting primarily of Chemical Etching and Milling machines - since its founding in 1957.
With an installed base of more than 15,000 wet processing systems worldwide, Chemcut is uniquely qualified to meet stringent manufacturing demands in a variety of industries.

CONTACT: Andy Becker
PHONE: 503.659.6100
FAX: 503.659.4422
E-MAIL: ecd@ecd.com
ADDRESS: 4287-A SE International Way
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222 USA
CATEGORIES: Test and Measurement, Equipment Manufacturers, SMT Equipment
ECD, Inc. is a World-Class Electronics Manufacturer in the Portland, Oregon area, whose business has been the Designing, Manufacturing and world-wide Marketing of electronic and other specialized technology products since 1964.
We are known worldwide for the M.O.L.E. ® Temperature Profiler. The Mole is used in the Electronic, Paint, Food, and the Industrial marketplace.
The Mole is a stand alone, 6 channel, temperature profiler that it is used in many harsh processes that require the temperature measuring instrument to be inside the heating chamber or "ride along" with the parts or process being measured over time such as Solder Reflow Ovens and Wave SolderMachines.
The included software allows the user to do SPC analysis on the logged data.

Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (ESI)
CONTACT: General
PHONE: Toll free: 833.374.5273 / Local: 503.641.4141
FAX: 503.671.5551
E-MAIL: info@esi.com
ADDRESS: World Headquarters
13900 NW Science Park Drive
Portland, Oregon 97229-5497 USA
* See web page for additional locations
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
ESI is a leading supplier of innovative, laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry. Our systems enable precise engineering and testing of micron to submicron features in semiconductors, LEDs, multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), flex circuits and other high-value components.
We partner with our customers to make breakthrough technologies possible in the semiconductor, microelectronics and other emerging high-tech industries. Founded in 1944, ESI delivers world-class systems expertise, with global operations from the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Rim.

CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +41 (0) 41 919 60 60
E-MAIL: info@essemtec.com
ADDRESS: Essemtec AG Switzerland
Mosenstrasse 20
CH-6287 Aesch/LU
See web page for offices in the USA & Germany
* Dispensing Valves, Tips & Supplies
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Pick & Place / Assembly Software
Our core business is: adaptive highly flexible SMT pick-and-place equipment, elaborate dispenser suitable for both high speed dispensing and micro dispensing as well as an intelligent production material storage and logistic system.
All our products are equipped with a sophisticated software package. This software makes an extensive and efficient material management possible.
Beyond that it establishes a level of user friendliness and creative leeway in the mounting and dispense design that is unique in the market. Our solutions are found on five continents and in many different environments.

Excellon Automation Co.
PHONE: See below
FAX: See below
E-MAIL: Sales@excellon.com
ADDRESS: North American Headquarters - Excellon Automation Co.
20001 South Rancho Way
Rancho Dominguez, California 90220 USA
Phone: 310.668.7700 · Fax: 310.668.7800
Canadian Office: Excellon Automation Co.
14 Essex Ave. Unit No. 34
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 3Z1
Phone: 905.881.8669 · Fax: 905.881.7659
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Spindles / Servo & Stepper Motors / Drive Repair
Manufacturers of precision Micro-Machining Equipment for over 50 Years

FINETECH GmbH & Co. KG Berlin (Headquarters)
See web page for locations in USA & China
PHONE: +49 30 936681-0
FAX: +49 30 936681-144
E-MAIL: finetech@finetech.de
ADDRESS: Wolfener Str. 32/34 Haus L
12681 Berlin, Germany
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
FINETECH offers innovative equipment solutions for nearly every kind of rework or micro assembly challenge, including the latest advanced packages.
Originally founded in 1992, FINETECH entered the industry by focusing on rework equipment. Soon after, the company added flip chip assembly and die-attach equipment to its repertoire of resources..
Today, FINETECH offers a flexible approach to customer applications, and welcomes the opportunity to create customized solutions and solve problems for customer projects. FINETECH is driven by continuous innovation. The company strives to be a high-quality manufacturer in rework and micro assembly and is dedicated to improving existing solutions as well as designing new products to keep pace with new developments in the market.
* Rework & Repair Equipment
* Rework Modules & Tools
* Micro Assembly Equipment
* Micro Assembly Modules & Tools
* Accessories

Fortex Engineering Ltd.
PHONE: +44 (0) 1522 718168
E-MAIL: sales@fortex.co.uk
ADDRESS: Fortex Ltd, Unit 16, Freeman Road,
Lincoln, LN6 9AP, UK
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers
* Supplies and Consumables
Fortex Limited was founded in 1972 and continues to have an enviable reputation as a leading European designer, manufacturer and supplier of Production equipment principally for the production of Prototype or low volume quantities of Printed Circuit Boards and Photo Chemically Milled Etched Metal Parts.
Over the years Fortex has applied their Expertise in precision engineering to allow the development of a range of production equipment to meet the needs of customers that are typically Industrial Users including Electronics Manufacturers, Photo Fabrication and Photo Chemical Etching, Educational Establishments teaching Electronics , Sign Makers, Professional Model Kit Manufacturers and Engravers.
Fortex Machinery and Equipment is found worldwide in many Leading Educational Establishments including schools colleges, Universities, Cutting Edge Manufacturing Plants as well as research and development centres. The majority of the equipment is manufactured and assembled in house in the UK based dedicated manufacturing facility.
Due to the companies on going commitment of quality, value and enviable customer service we are able to offer an unrivalled range of products and service into global markets. Fortex exports worldwide through a network of sales representatives and service agents whom cover most Geographical areas, to communicate and service all of our customers needs.
Products include:
* Artwork Films & Pens
* Artwork Light Boxes
*Brush Cleaning Machines
*Chemicals and Etchants
*Circuit Design & PCB Layout Software
*CNC Centre Drilling & Routing
*Conveyorised Board Dryer Machines
*Conveyorised Spray Processing/Etching Machines
*Damper Cover Fabric
*Dip Coating Machines
*DRS Dust Removal Cleaning Rollers & Tacky Pads
*Dry Film Laminators
*Heating and Drying Ovens
*Ionex Water Treatment
*Marine Cameras
*Metal Shears and Precision Guillotines
*Multi Layer PCB Press
*PCB Assembly
*PCB Drilling & Routing Machines
*PCB Laminates
*PCB Processing Units & Tanks
*PCB Production Accessories
*Photo Plotters
*Rapid PCB Prototyping Centre
*Reflow Ovens
*Roller Tinning Machines
*Screen Printing
*SMT Prototyping Products
*Through Hole Plating Lines
*UV Exposure Units

Genitec Technology Co., Ltd.
CONTACT: Daniel Tsai
PHONE: 886.4.24065816
FAX: 886.4.24065688
E-MAIL: daniel@genitec.com.tw
ADDRESS: No. 11, Guojung 2nd Rd.
Dali City, Taichung, Taiwan
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Fabrication Equipment, SMT Equipment
Genitec is a professional manufacturer with high technology and excellent experience in R&D automation and Surface Mount Technology/Printed Circuit Board related equipment.

HIGH'born Technology, USA, INC.
Semiconductor Equipment Services
CONTACT: Mario A. Portillo Sr.
PHONE: 561.470.1975
FAX: 561.395.0074
E-MAIL: m.portillo@hbtusainc.com
ADDRESS: 5970 SW 18th St., Suite 227
Boca Raton, Florida 33433 USA
CATEGORIES: Optical Mask, Pattern Generator & Stepper Equipment
High'born was established in September 1985 with you in mind. For 22 years now we have built a reputation in the photomask industry based on trust, care and dependability. Our specialty is the Electromask/TRE/ASET optical mask making units. 32 years total in the photolithography business.
What We Do:
We provide reconditioned/upgraded pattern generators/steppers at the lowest price of the industry for similar units. Our prices are all- inclusive. We are a "one stop shop" for your photomask needs. Our services include: sales, maintenance, repairs, spare parts, technical support, service plans and warranties.

Intellitech Corporation
PHONE: 603.868.7116
FAX: 603.868.7119
E-MAIL: scansales@intellitech.com
ADDRESS: 70 Main St.
Durham, New Hampshire 03824 USA
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test Equipment & Component Test Equipment
Intellitech has developed revolutionary patent-pending technology for use by electronic product manufacturers and the semiconductor industry. Using a unique business model, Intellitech COrporation develops and licenses advanced Intellectual Property (IP) for efficient configuration, debug and test of electronic products including SoC (System-on-a-Chip), ICs, PCBs and Systems. The proprietary IP provides a scalable configuration, debug, and test infrastructure that enables customers to build high quality self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products. Intellitech’s unified approach to test and configuration enables customers to provide field adaptable products, lower their manufacturing test costs, lower their field support costs, and extend their products’ useful life with field upgrade-able logic.

LPKF Laser & Electronics
PHONE: 503.454.4219
FAX: 503.682.7151
E-MAIL: sales@lpkfusa.com
ADDRESS: 12555 SW Leveton Dr.
Tualatin, Oregon 97062 USA
* Lasers / Laser Machining
* Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Fabrication Equipment
* Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems
LPKF Laser & Electronics is the leading manufacturer of Rapid PCB in house prototyping equipment, including circuit board plotters, through hole plating systems, and multi-layer equipment for lab use. This equipment gives companies and individuals the ability to produce and market new technology in a fast and effective manner offering confidentiality and fast turnaround.

CONTACT: Penny Tang
PHONE: 215.830.1200
FAX: 215.830.1206
E-MAIL: ptang@manncorp.com
ADDRESS: 1610 Republic Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA, 19006 USA
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
For over 30 years Manncorp has been the Global SMT equipment and PCB assembly equipment source.
We supply turnkey PCB assembly line, pick and place machine, reflow oven, stencil printer, PCB cleaner, rework equipment, wave solder machine, dry cabinet, component counter and other SMT equipment.

CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: 042.478.9900 [82.42.478.9900]
FAX: 042.478.9905 [82.42.478.9905]
E-MAIL: parmi@parmi.com
ADDRESS: Headquarters
32-18, Yuseong-daero 1596beon-gil, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, 34054, Republic of Korea
See web page for additional locations and agents
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
At PARMI, we are not just another SPI & AOI solutions provider, but a true solutions partner; our goal is to add value to your business.
Whether we are helping you increase your PCB yield and throughput, solve a unique challenge, or increase your ROI, we want to give you a competitive edge.
In fact, our commitment to innovation started with our company name – PARMI is an acronym for PAttern Recognition and Machine Intelligence.

PhotoMachining, Inc.
PHONE: 603.882.9944
FAX: 603.886.8844
E-MAIL: sales@photomachining.com
ADDRESS: 4 Industrial Drive, Unit 40
Pelham, New Hampshire 03076 USA
* Lasers / Laser Machining
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
Photo Machining, Inc. supplies contract laser drilling, routing and scoring services to the PCB industry, and also builds custom laser systems.
Additionally, PhotoMachining Inc. has been purchasing inventory from downsizing corporations. This has allowed us to exponentially expand our in house capabilities as well as offer a large amount of excess inventory at significantly reduced prices to you. Here at www.PhotoMachining.com we have a large variety of in house inventory that is listed in convenient and easy to navigate categories to help you quickly find what it is that you need. And with such a vast amount of choices, you can surely find anything to meet your business' needs.
* Microscopes, Magnification, Measurement
* Video, Vision, Cameras
* Electronics and Electrical
* Gas Distribution, Compressed Air, Pnuematics
* Cleanroom and Laboratory Equipment
* Optomechanical Devices
* Lasers and Accessories
* Motion Control, Motorized Stages, Electronics
* Shop Tools and Materials

Scienscope International Inc.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: Toll free: 1.800.216.1800 / Local: 909.590.7273
FAX: 909.494.5513
E-MAIL: info@scienscope.com
ADDRESS: 5751 Schaefer Ave.
Chino, California 91710 USA
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Digital Inspection Systems
* X-Ray Inspection Systems
* Digital Measurement Systems
* Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Systems
* Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Systems

Teknek Manufacturing Ltd
PHONE: +44 (0) 141 568 8100
FAX: +44 (0) 141 568 8101
E-MAIL: teknek@teknek.com
ADDRESS: World Headquarters:
River Drive, Inchinnan Business Park, Renfrewshire
PA4 9RT, Scotland, UK
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturer
Teknek are the inventors of the World Leading Clean Machine range of substrate cleaners for the PCB, Graphics, Coating, Laminating, LCD and many other industries.
Sub-Contract Division:
Teknek are a leadng supplier of PCB Board Carriers, EMC Shielding, Thermal Planes (Heatsinks), Membrane Panels, Anodising, Painting, Engraving, Injection Moulded Components and other quality products.

T-Tech, Inc.
Contact: David A. Cromey
PHONE 770.455.0676 / Toll Free 800.370.1530
FAX: 770.455.0970 / Toll Free 800.455.0970
E-MAIL: info@t-tech.com
ADDRESS: 510 Guthridge Court
Norcross, Georgia 30092 USA
* Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
T-Tech, with sales in over 46 countries, is a leading manufacturer of in-house circuit board prototyping systems for analog, digital, microwave and RF applications. T-Techs Quick Circuit System produces accurate, economical, and same-day circuit board prototypes directly from CAD package data. The Quick Circuit accepts Gerber, DXF, HPGL & Excellon files and enables engineers to do their own prototyping in-house.
With Quick Circuit, projects are completed on schedule and within budget and the designs are protected since they never leave the lab.

Viking Test Ltd
PHONE: +44 (0)1420 485960
FAX: +44 (0)1420 488233
E-MAIL: sales@vikingtest.com
ADDRESS: 5 Bedford Road, Petersfield
Hampshire, England UK
* Electronic Testing Services
* Testing & Measurement
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Spindles / Servo & Stepper Motors / Drive Repair
"PCB service and equipment throughout Europe, India and North America"
Viking Test Services are proud to be the European representatives for the world leading series of MicroCraft flying probe test machines.
Viking Test Services is the leading independent UK bare board test service.
We were established over 15 years ago and have many years experience in electrical test.
Viking Test Services uses the best equipment and software available to ensure the best results for our customers. With new improved capacity and staff levels we can now even better this service.

VJ Electronix, Inc.
PHONE: 978-486-4777
FAX: 978-486-4550
E-MAIL: electronixsales@vjt.com
ADDRESS: 234 Taylor Street
Littleton, Massachusetts 01460 USA
CATEGORIES: SMT Rework Stations & X-ray Inspection Systems
VJ Electronix, a VJ Technologies company, utilizes its technical expertise and visionary product development to manufacture state-of-the-art rework and inspection systems, including BGA x-ray machines, for the electronics industry.

VJ Electronix was founded when VJ Technologies, a leader in x-ray inspection systems, acquired Teradyne's manual x-ray inspection (MXI) systems and SRT rework systems business in 2003. MXI and SRT were part of the former NIS business.

Today, VJ Electronix offers manual and fully automated x-ray inspection systems and semi-automated and automated rework stations suited for a variety of electronics manufacturing processes.

WEGSTR s.r.o.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +420.702.097.226
E-MAIL: cnc@wegstr.com
ADDRESS: Tyršova 2, Kostelec nad Orlicí
517 41, Czech Republic
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems
CNC mills, drills, materials, accessories & software

WKK Distribution Ltd.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +852 2357 8888
FAX: +852 2341 9339
E-MAIL: wkk_hongkong@wkk.com.hk
ADDRESS: 17/F, Octa Tower, No. 8 Lam Chak Street
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
See web page for additional locations
CATEGORIES: Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
WKK PCB Division focuses on providing customers with PCB manufacture equipment / material and relative products application service. Our products come from USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and Taiwan (China), etc.
For various PCB processes and R&D, including PCB routing machine, puncher, video X-Y programmable measuring machine, roller coater, material cutting system, hot air leveler, X-ray driller, multi-sample CVS, dry film, silver halide film, flux and oil for HASL, etc.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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