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Printed Circuit Board Videos, Engineering Videos & Related Technology Videos

Altium Ltd. - Headquarters
PHONE: 1800 030 949 (Australian sales & support)
FAX: +61 2 8986 4440
E-MAIL: Email: sales.au@altium.com (Australian sales)
E-MAIL: support.au@altium.com (Australian support)
ADDRESS: Level 3
12a Rodborough Road
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia
USA & Canada
PHONE: 1.800.544.4186 (sales toll free) / 1.800.488.0681 (support toll free)
FAX: 1.760.231.0761 (sales) / 1.760.231.0762 (support)
E-MAIL: sales.na@altium.com (sales)
E-MAIL: support.na@altium.com (support)
ADDRESS: 3207 Grey Hawk Court, Suite 100
Carlsbad, California 92010
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Videos, Engineering Videos & Related Technology Videos
With over 100 videos on offer, find out how to get up and running with Altium Designer as quickly as possible.
Each video runs for around 5 minutes (about the length of a coffee break) and provides in-depth and practical discussions of how to use Altium Designer to solve common design challenges.
    * Quick Start
    * Designing with an Innovation Station
    * The Altium Designer environment
    * Design Data Management
    * Design Capture
    * Design Unification
    * Board Layout
    * Designing With FPGAs
    * Library and Component Management
    * Embedded Intelligence

CONTACT: Bob Wettermann
PHONE: 847.797.9250
FAX: 847.797.9255
E-MAIL: bwet@solder.net
ADDRESS: 3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows Illinois 60008
CATEGORIES: Video Soldering Tips
BEST Instructors have put together video demonstrations of common hand soldering tips and skills. These are not designed to be in place of live one on one training where repetitive skills and subsequent one on one feedback is given. Rather, they are quick refreshers designed to be viewed if a specific skill has not been practiced in a while. You can view the soldering tips instantly using your Flash™ player or you can download a video file version of your choice for later review.
Our current tip of the month as well as those in the archives are optimized for a broadband connection.

Design World
CONTACT: Scott McCafferty, Co-Founder
PHONE: 440.234.4531
FAX: 216.453.0617
E-MAIL: smccafferty@wtwhmedia.com
ADDRESS: 2019 Center Street, Ste. 300
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
* Printed Circuit & Engineering Publications / Online Magazines / E-Zine's / Newsletters / Blogs
* Printed Circuit Videos, Engineering Videos & Related Technology Videos
Design World is focused on serving the OEM machine builder, design engineer, and engineering manager. We deliver relevant editorial content and the most up-to-date supplier product and technology releases.

We also provide you 3D CAD models, industrial videos, E-Commerce solutions, widgets, podcasts, industrial news, and targeted engineering resources by product and technology both in print and online.

We'll continue to produce best-in-class print and online resources to help you do your jobs better, faster and under budget. We welcome your comments and suggestions along the way.

EMA Design Automation, Inc.
OrCAD® and Cadence® Allegro® Movies & Demos
Street Address: 225 Tech Park Drive, Rochester, NY 14623
Mailing Address: PO Box 23325, Rochester, NY 14692
Phone: (585) 334-6001 or Toll Free (800) 813-7494
Fax: (585) 334-6693

Engineering TV, Produced by Penton Media
E-MAIL: engineeringtv@penton.com
Introducing Engineering TV, an innovative online video program by engineers for engineers. Twice a week, each 5-8 minute episode shows cutting-edge technology in action and looks behind the scenes as today's engineers shape tomorrow's breakthroughs. Brought to you by the Penton Media Design and Electronics Engineering groups.

Global SMT & Packaging magazine

IPC - Media Training Dept.
CONTACT: Service Department
PHONE: 575.758.7937
FAX: 575.758.7938
E-MAIL: service@ipcvideo.org
ADDRESS: 7200 Hwy. 518, P.O. Box 389
Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico 87557
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Videos, Engineering Videos & Related Technology Videos
Electronics Assembly & Circuit Board Fabrication Training Videos
Here you can access complete reviews of our electronics assembly video training and certification programs, in such diverse topics as: ESD Control, Hand Soldering, Component Identification, Lead Free Soldering, Operator Safety, A-610 Workmanship Standards, Surface Mount and Through Hole Processing, Rework & Repair, Wire Harness Assembly, and more.

SIPAD Systems Inc
CONTACT: Matt Kehoe
PHONE: 770.475.4576
FAX: 770.475.1597
E-MAIL: mattkehoe@sipad.com
ADDRESS: 360-C Winkler Drive,
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

Solid Solder Deposit Technology
The video below shows SIPAD solid solder deposit reflow using a convection toaster oven.
The reflow begins in top left corner and works towards the BGA.
The total reflow time is approximately 5 minutes. (Movie is 50 seconds long)

Click > Play button to start video

Launch in external player

MOTM m650 Stuffing
12 min 16 sec - Jan 11, 2007
Video of the MOTM m650 PCB being manufactured. See synthtech.com for more info on MOTM.
Uploaded with permission via matrix of matrixsynth.blogspot.com

CNC PCB Router
2 min 7 sec - Jan 8, 2007 www.probotix.com

This is a video of a Desktop CNC Router. It was built from Thompson Linear Slides, uses 260oz/in Stepper Motors and Bi-polar Chopper Drivers. I use EMC2 and AXIS on Ubuntu. All the electronics are enclosed in the base. In this video, I am trace isolation routing a PCB using a 30 degree bit. You can see the finished result at the end of the video.

Machine Vision Industry Co., Ltd. 57 sec - Jun 16, 2006

How Printed Circuit Boards Are Made
Discovery Channel? 5 min 40 sec - Dec 21, 2006

PCB Printed Circuit Board Laser Etching and Verifying
Control Micro Systems, Inc. 6 min 16 sec - Aug 24, 2006

This video demonstrates how printed circuit boards can be laser etched and then verified with a barcode reader. If the laser etching can't be verified, the PCB can be automatically put to the side. Laser systems like this can engrave 2D matrix or UID bar codes. UID bar codes are required by the military if you wish to do business with them. Many vendors looking to sell parts to the military may seek automated systems such as this. Bar codes are used for inventory control. A study created way back in 1992 showed that the Department of Defense (DoD) could have saved $2 billion in inventory by having better information about their inventory when using UID symbols.

Lead-Free RoHS Compliant Printed Circuit Boards
CEC, 8 min 32 sec - Sep 5, 2006, www.calumetelectronics.com

 A Presentation of the parameters involved in engineering a lead-free, RoHS Compliant printed circuit board that is compatible with aseembly and application.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Plant Tour at CEC
CEC, 5 min 53 sec - Sep 6, 2006, www.calumetelectronics.com

An in-depth documentary of the production processes used to manufacture printed circuit boards at Calumet Electronics Corp

Machine Vision Industry Co., Ltd., 57 sec - Jun 16, 2006, forum.pcb-mach.com.tw

An advanced system for precise Post-Etch Punching of Inner Layers-Automated Flexible, Easy to Use
After etching, which means after most dimensional changes have occurred PE2000 system punches tooling slots or holes optically registered precisely to the image on the innerlayer. The result - Increased Yields and Improved Productivity

Placing 1206 parts on solderpaste-screened PCB

Ready to get reflow'ed in the black&decker!

 Surface Mount (SMT) - IC Soldering - Solder Levelling
Harvey Twyman, 1 min 12 sec - Nov 11, 2005, www.Twyman.org.uk

The PCB pads must be tinned and then flattened or "levelled" to enable all the IC legs to sit properly on them.

Also see FREE PCB ASSEMBLY TECHNIQUES E-MAIL COURSE By Harvey Twyman in our PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools / Education section

Datron High Speed Milling With Small Cutting Tools
Datron Dynamics Inc. 50 sec - Nov 1, 2006 www.highspeedcnc.com

High speed precision CNC milling machines from DATRON are designed for precision micro machining and industrial engraving of aluminum, plastics, stainless steel, graphite, ceramics and virtually any non-ferrous material. Our singular focus is on efficiency with small tools. We serve industries that require a precision CNC milling machine or CNC router for both low volume and high mix production applications such as front panels, nameplates, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), firearm engraving, micro drilling, 3D engraving, aluminum machining, milling micro molds or micro EDM electrodes, rapid prototyping, UID marking, as well as the production of electronics, medical and aerospace parts.

Hunter Technology Corporation
8 min 54 sec - Oct 2, 2006 www.hunterpcb.com

Hunter Technology provides a full range of Electronic Manufacturing Solutions including: Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout, PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, Contract Manufacturing, Test & Systems Integration. Hunter's high reliability new product introduction (NPI) center is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Analog by Design Show
The shows below are part of an on-going series from National Semiconductor.
The series is called "Analog by Design Show - Hosted by Bob Pease".

Low-Noise Amplifier Design and Analysis

Analog by Design Show
High-Speed Data Transfer, Part 1

Analog by Design Show
High-Speed Data Transfer, Part 2

Analog by Design Show
Analog Computers

Analog by Design Show
Current Sources

Analog by Design Show
High Frequency Techniques

Analog by Design Show
Milli-ohms, Micro-ohms, and Nano-ohms

Analog by Design Show

Analog by Design Show
Capturing Distortion

Analog by Design Show
High Definition Function Generation

Analog by Design Show
Precision Current Source

Analog by Design Show
Active Filters

More videos here

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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