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Printed Electronics Manufacturers

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3D Circuit Board Manufacturers
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

ABeetle Corporation
PHONE: +886.2.2201.0900
E-MAIL: sales@abeetlecorp.com
ADDRESS: 8F, No. 708-6, Zhongzheng Road
Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 24257, Taiwan
* 3D Circuit Board Manufacturers
* In Mold Electronics (IME)
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
* Printed Electronics Manufacturers
ABeetle Corporation is a total solutions provider for design, manufacturing, and assembly of Printed Electronics, IME (in-mold-electronics), Wearable Electronics, capacitive sensors, e-paper display modules, and membrane keypad assemblies.
 We specialize in high-density silkscreen printing process using various kinds of substrate materials, like PI, PET, PC, Fabric, Paper, Glass, etc. Conductors can be printed by silver, Ag/AgCl, copper, carbon, silver nano-wire, CNT, PEDOT.
Besides that, etching capability is also available. Markets including industrial, wearable electronics, medical, automotive, etc. We provide high volume to low-mix productions as well as quick-turn prototypes in low volume to high-mix.
* High-Density Flex Circuits
* Transparent Touch Sensor
* In-Mold Electronics (IME)
* 3D Formable Circuits
* Capacitance Pressure Sensor

Eastprint Incorporated
PHONE: 978.975.5255
FAX: 978.686.0117
E-MAIL: sales@eastprint.com
ADDRESS: 350 Willow Street South
North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 USA
* Printed Electronics Manufacturers
* Membrane Switches & Graphic Overlays
* In Mold Electronics (IME)
Printed Electronics and HMI Technologies include Wearable Devices, Membrane Switches, In Mold Electronics (IME), Projected Capacitive Switches, Silicone Rubber keypads, Graphic Overlays, Touchscreens, ITO replacement Films and Functional Screen Printing for E-Textiles / Smart Clothing

GGI Solutions
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: Toll free: 1.866.631.6662 / Local: 514.631.6662
E-MAIL: info@ggisolutions.com
ADDRESS: 1455 - 32nd Avenue
Lachine, Montreal, Québec Canada H8T 3J1
* Printed Electronics Manufacturers
* Membrane Switches & Graphic Overlays
GGI’s on-site team is dedicated to innovation, development and the integration of new printed electronics technologies applicable to HMI interfaces and FHE (flexible hybrid electronics) circuits.
This team’s strategic vision allows GGI to reach and stay at the top and to challenge the limits of HMI and FHE technologies.
GGI Solutions has been operating in the field of human machine interface technologies for more than 30 years while continually diversifying its product and service offerings.
The company is a trusted value-added partner in leading-edge technological solutions for its global aerospace, medical, industrial, transport and defense clients.
GGI is also a leader in the emerging printed electronics industry, leveraging its partnership with the CNRC, CRC and global market leaders, to develop breakthrough applications of its scientific innovations.

CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +1.407.275.4720
FAX: +1.407.275.4759
E-MAIL: sales@nscrypt.com / support@nscrypt.com
ADDRESS: 12151 Research Pkwy #150
Orlando, Florida 32826 USA
* 3D Circuit Board Printers / Desktop Electronics Printers / Conductive Inkjet Printers / Printable Electronics
* Printed Electronics - Microplotters
* Printed Electronics Suppliers
* Printed Electronics Manufacturers
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Orlando, Florida, nScrypt designs and manufactures award-winning, next-generation, high-precision Microdispensing, and Direct Digital Manufacturing equipment and solutions for industrial applications, with unmatched accuracy and flexibility.
Serving the printed electronics, electronics packaging, solar cell metallization, communications, printed antenna, life science, chemical/pharmaceutical, defense, space, and 3D printing industries, our equipment and solutions are widely used by the military, academic and research institutes,
government agencies and national labs, and private companies.
The nScrypt BAT Series Bioprinter will travel to the International Space Station in 2019, in a joint with Techshot.
nScrypt Cyberfacturing Center is our direct digital contract design and manufacturing service.

Optomec, Inc.
CONTACT: Support
PHONE: 505.761.8250 PRESS 2 for Support
E-MAIL: support@optomec.com
ADDRESS: 3911 Singer N.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 USA
* 3D Circuit Board Manufacturers
* Printed Electronics Manufacturers
Since 1997, Optomec systems have produced hundreds of innovative designs and products in markets such as electronics, energy, life sciences, aerospace and defense and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Because Optomec enables the production of smart, connected devices with embedded electronics that meet the stringent size, functionality and cost demands of the market, Optomec provides unique advantages to the manufacturing of products in the emerging IoT space.
* 3D Printed Electronics
* 3D Printed Metals

Printed Electronics Arena
RISE ICT / Acreo
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +46 (0)10 522 00 30
FAX: +46 11 20 25 01
E-MAIL: See web page
ADDRESS: Box 787
SE-601 17 Norrköping, Sweden
CATEGORIES: Printed Electronics Manufacturers
"Your partner in prototyping and printing research"
Printable inks made from conducting polymers, carbon, silver and other materials allow us to create electronic components and circuits with printing equipment. The process can be automated and allows for the mass production of electronics known as Printed Electronics.
Key benefits with printed electronics:
* Novel form factors
* Inexpensive mass production
* Electronics on flexible substrates
* Rapid prototyping in small series
* Lower investment costs
* Eco-friendly production

Printed Electronics Ltd.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +44 (0) 1827 263338
E-MAIL: info@printedelectronics.co.uk
ADDRESS: Amphenol Invotec Building, Hedging Lane
Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 5HH, UK
CATEGORIES: Printed Electronics Manufacturers
We are global experts in functional printing and material deposition processes, especially in relation to electronics and active display technologies. We supply and support a variety of machines, inks and substrates. We are uniquely skilled in providing solutions that will give you the best printing result through bespoke combinations and adaptations of machines, inks and substrates for specific applications.

VFP Ink Technologies
PHONE: +33 1 41 47 50 50
FAX: +33 1 47 99 51 52
E-MAIL: sales@vfp-ink.com
ADDRESS: Headquarters
ZI du Val de Seine
20, avenue Marcellin Berthelot
92396 Villeneuve La Garenne, France
* Printed Electronics Manufacturers
* Jumper Wires / Conductive Paint / Conductive Ink
VFP Ink Technologies develops and supplies decorative and functional inks for screen-printing. In the field of printed electronics, VFP Ink Technologies offers conductive inks based on pure silver and silver coated metal particles which can be dried and annealed in open air.
The application areas of the products designed by VFP Ink Technologies are RFID tag fabrication, electromagnetic shielding and flexible electronics such as membrane switches, front panels and sensing mat.
We also propose a product based on silver coated nickel particles which exhibits both conductive and magnetic properties. Firmly committed to innovation, our company is involved in a collaborative project in order to develop new processes for in-mold electronic devices fabrication.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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